What is the concentration ratios of your mushroom extracts?

Sep 26, 2023Pinks Ray

Our extracts range from 10:1 to 26:1, but we do not list them specifically as we believe extract ratios have only limited value when not accompanied with active compound testing. For example, without analytical testing, there’s no way to know whether a 20:1 extract is more concentrated than a 10:1 extract. It is also possible to have two products with the same extract ratio yet with completely different levels of active compounds. 

Also, note that the higher the extract ratio, the more dense and sticky the final product gets, so to keep it as a free-flowing powder, a carrier is often added. It will dilute the potency. This is why the measurement of active compounds and starch is so essential.

Extract ratios can also be misrepresented. For example, fresh mushrooms are typically 90% water, so the wet to dry ratio is 10:1. Some products use this ratio, saying their products are a 10:1 extract (10lb of fresh mushrooms = 1lb of powder) when in reality it’s just a 1:1 (1lb of dried mushrooms = 1lb of powder). The weight of the dry mushrooms is what should be used to calculate all extract ratios.

Without analytical testing of active compounds and starch measurements to show purity, extract ratios have limited value. A higher extract ratio does not equate to higher potency.

For these reasons, we do not specifically publish our extract ratios. If you’d like to know, contact us.

The number of active compounds in our products is some of the highest in the marketplace, and the low levels of starch demonstrate the purity of our products.

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